Our Quick and easy Scripts Services

Our team at Manly West Pharmacy are here to make script management easier and more convenient for our customers. We recommend downloading the MedAdvisor App or using our EasyScript services for more effective management of your medication. See below for more information.

MedAdvisor App

To effectively manage your prescriptions, we recommend you download and use the MedAdvisor App. The app helps you easily manage medications for you and your family, under the guidance of your trusted Pharmacist.You can view your personalised medication information, receive medication reminders and order your medications, all at the touch of a button. Once you have downloaded the app, you will need to get an activation code. Please contact the Pharmacy within the next three days, via phone or email for your MedAdvisor activation code. Once you have the activation code, login to MedAdvisor using your email and password and enter the activation code.









EasyScript is a safe, easy and convenient way to manage your scripts. It allows you can keep your medication record up to date and in one place. We can look after your scripts and repeats on file and remind you when it’s due.


Script History

Leave your script and repeats on file.

Call Us

Call before coming in and your script will be ready – no waiting!

Medication Information

Your medication record will be kept up to date and in one place.